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Interface to automatically check for the existence of addresses in the ContactUsHere.com system.

Ticketing feedback system for your site, forum or blog

   ContactUsHere.com is a ticketing feedback system for your site, forum, blog or company which can also be used for correspondence in cases where you do not want to make your e-mail public.
   By registering, you can create a number of addresses in the form of www.contactushere.com/yourname or www.contactushere.com/yoursitename.com, to which users of your site and customers can send their messages.
   Correspondence with each user is organized as a separate message thread (ticket), in which you or the user who created this thread can add your own message. You'll get the IP-addresses of the users who send you messages, indicating their geographic location (country, city). Optionally you can be notified of the arrival of new messages by e-mail. Your e-mail is unavailable to users who are corresponding with you.
   If you have any questions or simply just want to see how it works, contact us via ContactUsHere.com. You can send your comments and suggestions regarding functionality and improvements to the system here.
   Just as you can contact us as mentioned above, your visitors will be able to write to you at your address on the ContactUsHere.com system.

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